Friday, July 22, 2011

A booty post

Maybe looking at what she "could" become.

Spent a little too much time at the bakery eh?
Not very thick. But imagine her with a couple of pounds on her.

Some Quick gains for YA

BIG CUTIE BRITT. Really starting to gain in the belly.
Krystal Jordan put on some good weight throughout her career in porn.
This is Micky. I don't need to tell you where she gains her weight. Hehe.

Of course I started with the legend Ebbage. Her gain was sizeable and legendary.

Grand opening of BBBB

This blog is going to be about boobs, butts, bellies and all of those getting bigger. I will post girls with curves, girls with curves gaining weight and the whole lot.

I decided to open this up because there used to be quite a high number of quality blogs with content like this and they seem to have all disappeared. So I'm going to start posting to "revamp the scene".

I'll bring together interesting pictures from the web for your viewing **cough** pleasure.